Pizza Saves is a national movement committed to feeding the imaginations and dreams of uncommon organizations, individuals, and initiatives.


Commitment one


National School Walkout

Friday, April 20, 2018

On April 20, students from around the country will be taking part in the National School Walkout to peacefully advocate for gun reform. Pizza Saves is committed to ensuring that every student who walks out, in any state, will receive free pizza for lunch.

These powerful students are taking a stand for their futures, and for ours: they shouldn't have to worry about where their meal is coming from on this day.

If you're a high school student, teacher, or administrator walking out on April 20 and would like pizza delivered to your school, please register by clicking below:

Donate to Pizza Saves today. Every dollar that we raise through our GoFundMe will go directly to student organizers for use in purchasing food for the 4/20 walkout.

(We fully respect your privacy. No information will be shared with any third parties, and we will only contact you regarding Pizza Saves initiatives.)



Update #1

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Since receiving our first registration last month, we have been working tirelessly with our PR firm, Bullfrog & Baum, to spread the word about Pizza Saves and enroll pizza restaurants across the country in our movement to support your movement. 

From the get go, this has been about supporting you. 

We threw our hat over the fence, unsure of how to make this all happen, but being committed to finding a way. 

Wanting to show you that there were adults and businesses in this country that were willing to go to the mat for you and for the stand that you’re taking in this world.

It has been absolutely humbling to see what you’re creating, and how you’re speaking out and standing up and taking action. It is nothing less than inspiring.

We wanted you to know that someone had your back. Pizza was our expression of love, and Pizza Saves was a vehicle to share that with you.

And we knew that, to achieve what we set out to do, we couldn’t do it alone. Just like you’re organizing across the country, we would need the support of big pizza companies and small restaurants alike to make it possible to feed you all. After all, we’re a hospitality group from New Jersey that had a big idea and were audacious enough to speak it into existence. And that matters to us. It matters because being at risk, going after something you believe in, is what separates those that are playing the game of life from those that are watching from the sidelines.

So we’ve reached out to everyone. We’ve gone up and down the corporate ladders. We’ve talked to the smaller guys too. Staff, managers, owners. The little mom & pop pizza places that you’ve shared with us as your favorite local places to eat.

We’ve requested support from anyone and everyone we could possibly think of, on phone calls, via emails, and through mail packages – and the truth is, save for a few beautiful people (you know who you are) no one wants to join us. To join you.

You deserve everything in this world that you’re going after.
And you have every right to believe that adults and businesses and corporations aren’t listening. For the most part, they’re not. Not in any meaningful way, at least.

But we are. And we’re not giving up.

We’re just switching strategies.

Starting today, we’ve opened up a GoFundMe to crowdsource funds to pay for pizza for you. This will be money that we distribute directly to each of you, as organizers, for you to purchase food for your walkout as you see fit.

The GoFundMe link is:

Please share this link and distribute it far and wide! We will be pushing it on our end over the next week.

And for walkouts happening in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas, we’re still committed to feeding you with pizza from our own restaurants. We’ll be sending an additional email to those organizers.

Thank you for taking this ride with us.

Thank you for who you are.

You are all powerful.

You are transforming the conversation in this world.

We will continue to be here to create a platform for your voice to be heard. 

A special shoutout to Isra Hirsi, an amazing organizer from Minnesota who spoke to a journalist from for this piece:

If you have any questions, or anything you want to share or say to us, or any specific requests, you know where to reach us. We're always available.

Let’s keep going.

With much love and respect,



Thank you to the 60,000 students in 22 states who have already joined us! You are transforming the conversation.